• Beatrice – Graduate Swissdance. Attended, along with a university education, many dance classes abroad and in Switzerland. Has been for several years the partner of a professor at Geneva. Created and directed Courts Bravo since 1992. It manages and provides the most current.
  • Many other professors have given lectures and workshops in recent years. The students certainly remember: Andreia, Agnèle, Andrés, Anna, Cathy, Fanny, Natasha, Alex, Dizzy, Mariela, Pedro, Kara, Randy, Carole and others …

Academic Support

  • Salvatore and Marisa, and many others – Bring their help during the courses.

Technical Support

  • Pascal – Spent hours creating the first site of course Bravo and especially a track for 9 years! It also handles electronic mailing list and send you regular email information.
  • Huguette – Has spent many hours creating the graphics of the first site.
  • François – Has a lot of enthusiasm to develop the current site.

Music Support

  • Andrés (El Gato Salsero), Pascal (Didans), Jean-Pierre (Bonito Corazon) – Without music, no dancing! Our Djs have hosted many memorable evenings.

Students Support

  • No students, no dance classes! A big thank’s to all our students for short or long term. Some have been loyal for years and is a great pleasure to see them every year !


  • Cristian, Damaris, Gabriel, Michel, Catherine, Jean-Pierre, Monique, Pascal, Eric, Ana, Henriette, Daniel and many others – We have assisted at numerous parties, festivals of Geneva, enveloping, work trend …