Cours Bravo – Dance school in  Geneva

From waltz to tango through cha cha and salsa, take the first step and join the dance !

Our dance classes take place in Charmilles, in Plainpalais, and in the Center. The Cours Bravo were created in Geneva in 1992, by Beatrice Bravo (Swissdance graduate). Currently, at  Cours Bravo, we teach ballroom, latin, rock’n roll and salsa.  We also offer programs for adolescents and retirees.

In addition to the classes, we keep you regularly informed of the dance parties we organize and of other events we plan with different groups and clubs, in the extended Geneva area. Balls and various festivals are excellent opportunities to meet people in a relaxed atmosphere, while putting into practice the steps that have been taught in class.

Five good reasons to join a dance class:

  • Get out
  • Put into practice your coordination and memory skills
  • Exercise while having fun
  • Meet new people and expand your circle of friends
  • Discover or rediscover different styles of music

It has been proven, that couples, that are also dance partners have a higher probability of staying together and in better health! And for those who come unaccompanied, there are always partners to dance with.

Download flyer (French)

To prepare for your opening dance on the occasion of your wedding, choose a music that you like and take your appointments early.
Indeed, it takes time to memorize a sequence of steps and figures of a minute and a half to two minutes!