Holidays and vacations

WARNING Most of our courses taking place in schools, they are closed during school vacations and holidays, sometimes even the day before. Please note the dates when our classes will not take place :

SCHOOL YEAR 2018-2019:

· Autumn holidays : from Sunday 21st to Friday 26th of October. Restart on Sunday 28th.
· Christmas holidays : from Friday 21st of Dec. to Friday 4th of January. Restart on Sunday 6th.
· Holidays of February : from Monday 18th to Sunday 24th of February. Restart on Monday 25th.
· Easter holidays : from Monday 15th to Friday 26th of April. Restart on Sunday 28th.
· Labor Day : Wednesday 1st of May.
· Viennese Ball in Palais des Nations : Thursday 2nd of May (no classes !).
· Ascension Day : Thursday 30th of May.
· Pentecost : Sunday 9th and Mondy 10th of May.