Calendar of classes

Ballroom and Latin Dancing

The social dances include the five ballroom dances – Viennese waltz, slow (English) waltz, foxtrot, quick-step and tango – and the five Latin dances – cha cha cha, rumba, samba, paso doble and jive.

Dates Day Hours Level Location Period Rate
9/04 to 4/06 2018 Mon. 7:25 pm to 8:40 Beginners 1-2 Charmilles Fr. 180.-/10h
29/01 to 4/06 2018 Mon. 8:40 pm to 9:55 Intermediate Charmilles Fr. 330.-/20h
31/01 to 30/05 2018 Wed. 7:45 pm to 9:00 Beginners 3 Bois-Caran voir !
1/02 to 14/06 2018 Thu. 7:30 pm to 8:45 Advanced Plainpalais Fr. 330.-/20h
8/04 to 10/06 2018 Sun. 6:00 pm to 7:15 Intermediate Centre-ville Fr. 180.-/10h


Latino Program (salsa)

The sunny latino rhythms are still “in vogue” in our latitudes: Cuban salsa, merengue, bachata, mambo, even cha cha cha!

Dates Day Hours Level Location Period Rate
1/03 to 3/05/2018 Thu. 8:45 pm to 10:00 Beginners Plainpalais Fr. 180.-/10h


Rock'n roll

At the rock and roll class, we also offer an introduction to swing, or disco-fox, giving students the possibility to practice to the sound of music from the sixties, all the way to the eighties.

Dates Day Hours Level Location Period Rate
31/01 to 30/05/2018 Wed. 6:30 pm to 7:45 Beginners Bois-Caran  see !
1/02 to 14/06/2018 Thu. 6:15 pm to 7:30 Intermediate Plainpalais Fr. 330.-/20h


Adolescents classes

Mixed program with ballroom dancing (waltz, tango …) and Latino dances (salsa, bachata …).

Dates Day Hours Level Location Period Rate
18/09 to 04/06/2018 Mon. 6:10 pm to 7:25 Beginners Charmilles Fr. 555.-/40h


Private lessons: By appointment


Ideal for those wishing to fit lessons into their particular schedule or for a program “à la carte”. Also, appropriate for those who wish to choose a piece of music on which to practice a specific dance (waltz, foxtrot, cha cha, salsa, etc.), for their wedding for example, or any other occasion.

One 50 minute-lesson for 1 or 2 persons : Fr. 90.–
Registration to 4 lessons : Fr. 340.–
Registration to 10 lessons : Fr. 750.–
One 50 minute-lesson. For 2 couples : Fr. 120.–
Registration to 4 lessons : Fr. 440.–
Registration to 10 lessons : Fr. 1000.–

Caution: The above prices are valid only with Beatrice and any lessons cancelled less than 24 hours in advance, without justification, will be due.

Upon request, we also organize courses for small groups, businesses, birthday parties, etc..

Please contact us for our complete rate card.

For further information and appointments, contact Beatrice Bravo on 022 752 52 00, or per EMail.

"Speed teaching" once a month, on Fridays evenings

1/2h of class, then music to practise all the dances

Welcome at 7:15 pm, the beginning of the class is at 7:30 pm, then dance music until 10 pm.
Ecole Necker, Rue Necker 4, access from the courtyard.

Open to all, beginners or not. Every time, we shall propose a small routine in a different dance: bachata, disco-fox, rock, cha cha cha, waltz, etc.

Next dates (first Friday of the month, excepted September): on September 15th: cha cha cha – October 6th: disco – fox – November 3rd: bachata – December 1st: waltz

Price: 25.- per person (20.- for pupils of our classes), to pay on the class.

Rates and payment terms for group classes

Trial Lesson: Fr. 25.– (deductable upon a binding registration and  payment of an entire period).

number of lessons
Rate per person
students, AVS

Session 4 x 2 (= 8 hours)

Fr. 150.-
Fr. 140.-
Session 8 x 1:15 (= 10 hours)
Fr. 180.-
Fr. 165.-
Session de 16 x 1:15 (= 20 hours)
Fr. 330.- ou 2 x 180.–
Fr. 310.- ou 2 x 165.–
Session de 32 x 1:15 (= 40 hours)
Fr. 600.- ou 2 x 330.– ou 4 x 180.–
Fr. 555.- ou 2 x 310.– ou 4 x 165.–

Caution: in order for your registration to be effective, 50% of the payment must be received a week before the beginning of a class.
The balance is due no later than the second lesson.

Postal account of Beatrice Bravo: 17-651637-9 (IBAN CH54 0900 0000 1765 1637 9).

The registration, except specific agreement with the direction, is concluded for a complete session.
According to the chosen course, the session can be of 4 x 2 hours, 8 x 1:15, 16 x 1:15 or 32 x 1:15 (school year).

The following payment schemes are available: Beginning of the 1st period: September 2015
Payment of the entire year, (in September) Beginning of the 2nd period: November 2015
2 semester installments, (Sept. and January) Beginning of the 3rd period: January 2016
4 term installments, beginning of each period Beginning of the 4th period: April 2016